Dr Rudi Bower

The Nelson Mandela University Department of Music and Performing Arts prides itself in its unique approach to the growth and development of its students as part of a vibrant and diverse community that enables versatile, excellent musicianship in a changing world. Our student body, in excess of 170 on various academic levels, ranging from pre-tertiary to Diploma, Degree, Masters and Doctorate, represents a musical smorgasbord of our region and nation. This is reflected in our various popular ensembles including the student symphony orchestra, brass and wind ensembles, jazz and big band ensembles, choir and contemporary voice ensembles, marimba and steelpan ensembles, and more. Our 30-strong full time, part time and administrative staff also mirror this versatility and excel in various fields as performers and academics through innovative research, creative work and many fruitful community engagement initiatives. These endeavours sprout from various disciplines and genres, rooted in mainly classical, jazz, African and contemporary music, but manifesting in various assimilations and expressions of the above.

Our syllabus is holistic and integrated in design with the express aim of exposing our students to a wide array of influences and competencies, regardless of each’s chosen specialisation. Our facilities feature performance venues, ranging from smaller performance spaces to the 440-seater auditorium, 3 lectures venues, a number of practice and small rehearsal rooms, a recording studio and a music technology studio. Our alumni include some of South Africa’s most respected instrumentalists and scholars as well as high profile performing artists.

Do make contact with us should you wish to find out more regarding our offerings.